We want your experience in selecting your investment to be comfortable. With so many options, a visit to our office will present you with many features you may have not known existed. Take a look at staff and our video below to learn more about us.




Tucson Trailer Company in Tucson opened its doors in 2007 and is a locally owned and operated trailer dealership.  Tucson Trailer Company is not a dealership owned by an out of state mega manufacturer, rather we carry a variety of trailers made by several manufacturers, in order to provide the best possible selection in quality and price for our customers. 

No matter if you have purchased numerous trailers in the past or are a first time trailer buyer, Tucson Trailer Company will provide you with many trailer options from some of the best in the business and back it up with a great warranty.  Tucson Trailer also provides service and repair, sells trailer parts and rents trailers.

Alicia is the go to girl for all things impossible.  If it can’t get done or needs to get done, she is the one who will make it happen.  Alicia handles the back office work and keeps the company organized with the endless paperwork.  She also manages the website, social media and on-line inventory.

Joe has been a great addition to our service department.  Always smiling and eager to learn new things, he has grown invaluable as a knowledgeable welder and service technician.  Joe tackles every task with enthusiasm and positivity. He teaches us how to “roll with the punches” and keeps life real.

Alicia Conway - Office Assistant
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Tucson Trailer Company - About US

Jacob "Jake" Roussard -

Service Technician/Welder


Pat 'PJ' Conway - General Manager

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Dave is the co-owner of Tucson Trailer Co. and the big man on campus.  His tall stature and rough neck look might make some people nervous.  Don’t judge a book by its cover because Dave is the friendliest and most easy going guy you’ll ever meet and will go out of his way to assist anyone with their needs.

Dave Mayo - Service Manager/Sales
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Pam we keep behind the scenes only because she is so stunning and charming most of our male customers usually over extend their stay. She is the one responsible for your licensing, titling and registrations.


Jake has knowledge beyond his years and is a vital part of the team at Tucson Trailer Company.  He may be young, but he is showing everyone around here how to get things done.  Jake has a special gift of taking the time to find out what is needed and getting it taken care of for the customer.  His positive personality and eagerness to be involved is a blessing he gives to co-workers and customers.

Pat is an honest, hardworking and trustworthy guy.  He has owned and operated small businesses since his high school days.  Pat is dedicated to both his employees and customers and welcomes every customer with enthusiasm, especially when he can get out of the office and out on the lot showing some trailers! Pat is the man responsible for the creation of Tucson Trailer Company and would like to sincerely thank all of the customers who have patronized our company over the years and have helped us grow into a world class dealership.  Thank you Tucson!


Pam Mayo - Titling Clerk

Joe Watson -
Service Technician/Welder