Tucson Trailer Company now offers Speedliner®, one of the most durable spray in bedliners in the world. Their spray-in bed liners are durable and dependable and come in a variety of colors and applications. Speedliner™ spray-on bedliner products are rated for superior performance and have undergrone the scrutiny of intense testing for resistance to heat and UV wear that will often fade inferior products. The benefits of choosing Speedliner™ spray in bed liners are many. Whether you need a spray on bedliner solution for your truck bed or trailer deck or trailer floor and walls, or you need a spray in bedliner solution for an industrial application, Speedliner™ is the right product for you. Speedliner™ spray-on products are also useful for many floor or surface applications.  Contact us today by email or call us at (520) 623-1273 and get the maximum strength protection you need from your spray-in bedliner application.

Choose from our wide array of standard colors or custom color your Speedliner®.

Speedliner® has a vast selection of colors and color combinations that will make your spray-in application match the look that you are desiring. While we could display these colors on the website, depending on your screen resolution and video card, the colors would vary. Instead, we would love the opportunity to show you in living color the extent of our color options. Once you see the vibrant choices you can choose with confidence the right choice for your applications. To give you a better idea of the pallet that you have to choose, visit us and then let us introduce you to Speedliner® spray in liners that cover the entire spectrum!

• Desert Tan
• Camo Green
• Camo Brown
• White (with topcoat)
• Charcoal Gray
• Medium Gray
• Black
• Yellow
• Orange
• Red
• Garnet Red Metallic
• Medium Green
• Dark Green
• Emerald Green Metallic
• Medium Blue
• Dark Blue
• Indigo Blue Metallic

Spray on bedliner